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You may already know whats causing you to stunt your progress or you may be unaware and reacting to situations causing frustration.

Either way, for you to be fulfilled and have a life of meaning, there is a solution.

Over the years working with clients, a common theme emerges– feeling stuck, with little clarity. It’s a simplified word to describe how we are feeling but it doesn’t reveal what is causing it. Read on to discover how some of these limitations show up.

Overwhelm and striving – There’s never enough time and you feel like you are forcing life to happen leaving you exhausted and not in a fun place at all. The entrepreneurial spirit has turned into a blah 24/7 job.

Perfection – Needing to get it so right before your work ever sees the light of day. You will always be evolving so perfectionism is redundant and another word for procrastination! Ever wonder where this high expectation of yourself came from?

Comparison – Why aren’t I where “they” are in life, leaves you always chasing and never accepting the uniqueness you possess to help others at this very moment.

Self-doubt – Questioning the very reason you are doing anything of this at all, your vision and belief in yourself isn’t clear. What if hope becomes replaced with knowing and self doubt morphs into self-acceptance?

Recognition – You don’t feel you deserve to be seen and honoured for what you bring to the world. Show up and own your gifts and abilities, giving others the opportunity to embrace your value and contribution. 

Being heard – You want to share your knowledge but you think you don’t know enough. The truth is, you are always the perpetual student attracting other perpetual students who need to hear what you have to teach RIGHT NOW.

How can I help?

What if I could see you and your stuck beliefs and help you move past these, so that you could put your frustrating patterns behind you, feel empowered and bounce towards life with clarity and flow?

My work is renowned for its uncanny ability to extract from your life story the underlying beliefs causing roadblocks in your business and life and – in a very short time. Practical strategies are included, applicable to YOU to align you with your desires and exercises to turn up the hearing on your intuitive voice, so you can follow your inner calling.

The hidden, yet vibrationally active belief begins to transmute through the conscious intention you now set; to step into the new. Where thought goes, energy follows. Now, with a sense of knowing, you begin to flow towards what you want in life.

There's a reason why my work is so effective, here's why.

Your story and the way you say it holds specific script lines containing the very belief vibrationally creating it

As a Business and life Intuitive, within 15 minutes of hearing your current story, I can identify the limiting belief/s keeping you trapped in a treadmill of rinse and repeat.

Then we find the hidden/suppressed memory and emotion linked to this belief and flick the change switch followed by the personalised strategies and focused support to maintain the momentum of change.

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Case studies: Individual journeys to emotional fulfilment and change


What can you expect when you work with me?

Expect change.

As soon as these beliefs and the associated memories are identified, expect your world to change as the light of consciousness allows you to let go of what has been made visible.

Know you're in a safe and confidential space as you let go of these beliefs that no longer serve you.

Expect to feel confident and gain clarity, when once there was indecision or confusion.

It's all delivered with support and check ins to ensure accountability and commitment. Not only do you want change but I am committed to seeing you change.

"Ready to transform your inner world, unleash unrealised potential and purpose, and gain renewed clarity and drive?"

15 min Q & A


When problems and negative emotion arises in work, life or relationships and you cant quite understand why this keeps on happening to YOU,  wouldn't it be satisfying to know, you can transform the limiting belief, once you identify what and where it originated from? More...


The starter session


In this transformative session, we identify and transform the limiting beliefs that are manifesting into the repeating stories holding you back from your desires and your unique practical strategies to move forward.


The resolution Package

In these 5 transformative sessions, we identify and transform the limiting beliefs and providing step by step strategies, clarification, support, and tools to empower you to create from a place of knowing.This is for entrepreneur and spiritual seeker who wants to unlock their inner magician to consciously create the life they want. More...


I met Symmone during a women’s circle and right away instinctively felt like I should contact her to book in for a session.
I was so blown away by this session, the accuracy of who I am and what my blocks are and the different ways of getting this information. In one session, she combined her astrological knowledge with her intuitive gift and hands-on counselling to provide me with tools that I could use to remove the block and find and follow my path. She held me accountable with a 15-minute follow up session to see where I was at and to give me more tips in how to create and maintain a mindset that will lead to me taking the right actions to reach my highest potential and fulfil my dreams! Words cannot describe how immensely grateful I am and always will be for having met and being guided by such an amazingly wise soul, spirit woman.
— Michelle Van Mulken, Entrepreneur & Adventure Coach