Beyond Belief Q&A

Beyond Belief Q&A

Why has my creativity disappeared?

Why has my creativity disappeared?

Many of us have experienced creativity blocks at some point in our lives.
It could be easy to dismiss, sort of like the flu, believing the block will disappear eventually.
But what if your work is relying on it and the foggy haze comes up over and over again? Authentic consistent communication is your bridge to connect with people, so what’s preventing you from crossing it?
In this episode of Beyond Belief Q & A, we dig deep into Cara’s limiting beliefs effecting her creative blocks with song writing. We explore her natal astrological chart, her current astrological transits and a rather interesting “sign” synchronistically showing up in her life to reveal the limiting beliefs.

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Welcome to Beyond Belief Q & A
Transforming force into flow.

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In today’s Q & A, Cara has sent in a video with her question asking to reveal the block preventing her creative juices from flowing to write songs. 

“I’m Cara and I’m a musician. I’ve been a musician for roughly 25 years. I’m a singer and a drummer and I play washboard and flute and I find that when I got to write, I get this blockage. I’m very hesitant in the fact that I know I should be writing, it’s almost like I’m procrastinating but it’s something I want to get through and this has been sitting with me for a couple of weeks now. I really want to move forward with this and past it.”

“I’m finding that there’s a synchronicity that keeps happening over the last few weeks where it might sound completely crazy but I’m going to put it out there anyway because it’s what’s been happening. I’ve been having moments where Aretha Franklin has been popping up. I know she’s recently passed away and then while in Notodden in Norway and that was about over a month ago, I had the pleasure of sitting in for breakfast at the hotel. We were playing a festival in Notodden blues festival and I reunited with the wonderful Barbara Blue from Memphis. She’s the queen of Memphis Beale Street, a blues singer, she’s an awesome woman and a I’m sitting there, she’s introducing me to this guy.”

“This gentleman that’s been sitting there for breakfast and “I say a little prayer” comes on the background music in the hotel and there’s this gentleman nodding his head and going like this (nodding his head to the beat)  and I’m being introduced to him and I don’t want to interrupt him and he’s the drummer of that song and was working with Aretha Franklin and he’s called Bernie Purdie. My whole body was resonating and I was in a flutter in my stomach, you know, you know cartwheels and I eventually got the courage to say “hello, I’m a real big fan of your music“ and you’re playing. You know being a drummer myself, like it completely blew my mind and I tried not to, you know, give him the flutters because the energy coming off me as ridiculous and that was another huge element that came into play. So, I’m just wondering is that anything to do with what is going on with the writing. If there’s something in that, should I look into this further? How do I explore this further?”

Thank you for your question Cara

Let’s look at your chart first and see what are some of your personal themes, followed what particular cycle is occurring now.

You have a Sun/Pluto conjunction in libra – an intense a powerful placement of self-discovery.              

Emotions run deep. Relationships are very important to you, as is creativity.            Transformation through relationships and artistic focus factor higher in life. With frequent periods of intense self-analysis, you don’t really have time for superficially and will seek out relationships with meaning.  You need change and seek growth so routine would not suit you at all.

However, the shadow or unexpressed emotional side is powerlessness in relationships, a need to belong, compromising your needs for that of others. This could lead to people pleasing and stagnancy if you believe that your growth would impact someone else negatively.

It could be easy for you to take things quite personally and wear critiscm and see yourself as wrong with the moon in Virgo. So harmonisation and avoiding conflict is the choice of the day but this need for evolutionary change and self-discovery also indicates a life where you create circumstances of contrast – what you don’t what to activate the deeper truths of what you do want.

Also with the Capricorn ascendant there’s a sense of being responsibility – it gives you value and focus. But too much responsibility for others could tip the scales between you and others.

For example, outshining your musical colleagues may result in being alienated and the relationships would break down.

Or believing that your sense of responsibility and duty to the musical team is more important than showcasing your talents and standing out or taking on too much of the work load, as a means to justify your value.

So a big theme emerges in your life about bringing balance to your relationships so they are equal, where you do not compromise your desires to please others. Also allowing your desires to manifest, owning your gifts and being unapologetic for having them.

At the foundation of avoiding yourself could be rejection and if this is mind chatter is dominating, this would certainly distract you from hearing your intuition directing you in where to go next.

This could feel like stuckness and obstacles because the head is trying to work out the next steps safely, not rocking the boat, drowning out the whispers of the heart to embrace your gifts.

The cycles occurring at the moment are transiting Uranus in Taurus squaring Jupiter in Aquarius and Uranus trining your north node in Capricorn.

It’s an activation about bringing forth your unique qualities and message. In other words, you are entering a period where you are going to another level and to show up more. It’s also activating an opening to move into authority and letting go of the past.             

Being aware of what no longer serves you and being focused on what you do want.

Nurturing self is also being invited to stop the doing-ness of helping others with their lives. It’s time to focus on your own life and what wants to be birthed through you.

Let’s take a look at Aretha Franklin, those interesting and timely synchronicities and connection to her.

Often when we resonate with someone well known or significant, they reflect something within us that is similar in character, journey or message.

Aretha Franklin was known as a brilliant singer with an iconic voice.

A strong female, a role model in the music industry, emotional, outspoken, she made no apologies for who she was, an activist with a courageous spirit.


  • Is she inspiring you to use your voice uniquely and you haven’t been?
  • To bring your heart, soul and emotional voice to your music and you haven’t been?
  • She never compromised herself and her views. Is she asking you to do the same?              
  • To stand by your truth?                   
  • Is her presence asking you to belt out all of you regardless of your fears about being critiqued?                 
  • Are you that courageous spirit who has been shackled due to unfounded fears?

The block is pointing to stepping out of your comfort zone to own your voice and words. It’s unique, so accept and value your talents. It doesn’t matter what others think.

Fear of failure……a Virgo moon will use perfection to avoid it.

Well, what if you do fail?              

It’s only a signpost to something better. It’s usually when we take steps to do something differently, we are confronted by patterns of protection that say no, you will get hurt or experience failure.

If you step out into the world and shine, you will appear to risk more and yet you gain more.              Isn’t the latter more liberating to embody and live by?

Accept responsibility for your success, do not be so invested in other people’s success.  See yourself being appreciated not only others but primarily yourself.

Set time aside to meditate, then write what comes flowing through you naturally.

Don’t distract yourself by falling back into a comfort zone of other people’s problems and needing you. Take some time out to nurture and take care of you

And lastly use your voice with all of your presence, as a singer you have a message and that message comes through in the beauty of your lyrics and the sound of your voice.

I hope that helps Cara.

And thank you for watching. Any comments, pls post below in the comments section and If anyone has a question about love, life, business or wealth, click on the link below. I look forward to answering it.

Until next time, keep living your dream.

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