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What's keeping you from going to the next level?

It’s very likely that if YOU have hit a plateau, then everything else around you will also appear to have hit a plateau.

My clients also refer to the plateau as feeling stuck, with little clarity as to WHY. It’s a simplified word to describe how we are feeling but it doesn’t reveal what the limiting beliefs are, causing it. Read on to discover some of these limiting beliefs.

  • Overwhelm and striving – There’s never enough time and you feel like you are forcing life to happen leaving you     exhausted and not in a fun place at all. The entrepreneurial spirit has turned into a blah 24/7 job.
  • Perfection – Needing to get it so right before your work ever sees the light of day.
  • Comparison – Why aren’t I where “they” are in life, leaves you always chasing and being down on yourself by not accepting the uniqueness you possess.
  • Self-doubt – Questioning the very reason you are doing anything of this at all, your vision isn’t clear or your self- belief is contradicting your dreams.
  • Recognition – You don’t feel you deserve to be seen and honoured for what you bring to the world.
  • Being heard – You want to share your knowledge but you think you don’t know enough yet.

The Result

All of which dove tails and reinforces not being good enough which continues to circle back to being STUCK.

A Simple Explanation

Imagine your left hand is attached to a rope that has 5 people pulling in one direction. The other rope is attached to your right hand and has 3 people pulling in the opposite direction. The people on the left represent limiting beliefs and the people on the right represent desires and positive beliefs.

Guess which way you will be heading? The winner is your left side.

What if you release some people (negative beliefs) from the left side…let’s say 4. Now you are heading towards the right and those desires you have decided you want to experience.

The moral of the story….

When you release the beliefs appearing in your life linked with feelings of heaviness or negativity and resistance, your heart felt desires become the predominant focus and they emerge very quickly.

You are now aligned; marrying desire with positive emotion and beliefs.

Empowerment and Flow

Not only do I work with you to free your mind from restricting thoughts but introduce Empowerment and Flow as a natural spinoff, so YOU become the conscious architect of your life.

It’s done by using a step by step process and practical strategies that work with your heart and not your head, whilst being completely supported and guided through the important change stages.

I love working with committed, heartfelt entrepreneurs and change makers who want an exceptional life.

If you are ready, so am I.

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