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Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories

Awakening to who I am

I highly recommend a session with this lovely and highly inspirational woman, she has really helped me navigate my way through some difficult times. As Symmone described my limiting beliefs and different life themes through the astrology, it felt like a remembering of all those parts of myself that I had long forgotten. It gave meaning to my past and to many painful experiences, and to my present. It gave me a sense of purpose that resonated in every cell of my body.

My body feels more alive and I no longer feel like I am alone in the dark. I have a greater sense of ‘me’ and a sense of excitement that I know will light my way.

Symmone has a uniquely grounded approach. I left the session with an individualised plan (relevant to my intent) with all that we had spoken about during the session for attainable goals that I could continue to work with.

A month later and my whole world has begun to open. I feel more solid in who I am, and a greater commitment to my future. I feel reconnected to the gifts I have brought into this life. Thanks Symmone for your clarity, your wisdom and for a very grounded and practical approach.

Willow Salathiel

Trans-personal Art Therapist

I have been able to cut through my blocks

Keeping on track with my belief in change at my very core for me is difficult. Symmone is able to open my mind help with the most sticky of blocks and gently encourage me to move to the next level of alignment .
She has helped through deep grief and anxiety and encourages me to take back my feminine power and be the new best me I can be. When I fall off my perch her recordings and our discussions help me back up
Thanks Symmone, you are a true inspiration 🙂

Jules Wenck

The Red Letter Club

Your reading three years ago is exactly what I needed to hear

Over three years ago, the astrological reading you did for me is brilliant. It’s been timely that I am listening to your words again this week. My love, appreciation & blessings to you.

Marie Muller

Harmony, Body & Mind

Anything is possible

I have never felt more free to be me. I have never felt more powerful to charge forward and make my dreams a reality. I have got out of my own way, now anything is possible. Thanks to Symmone!

Katie Johnston


I received the clarity I needed to make a big decision in business

Another fabulous business consultation with Symmone Gordon. Symmone has an innate ability to hone in on troublesome blocks to success whether that’s from a business or personal perspective, enabling people to make the changes necessary to overcome those blocks and move forward. Symmone’s experience and talents will help you in almost any area of your life that’s causing you grief. Thanks heaps Symmone and looking forward to seeing yet another business venture move forward to it’s full potential.

Mina Hunt

Investor & Entrepreneur

My son and I are more connected and loving

Having experienced the benefit of Symmone’s highly intuitive work, I was keen to have her work on my son, who has suffered from chronic constipation all of his young life. After just one session we saw significant improvements and we’ve been able to take him off the very strong laxatives that he’d been on for the past year. Possibly even more amazing have been the changes in our relationship – we’re now far more connected and loving than we had previously been, and he is a lot calmer and happier. This was something unexpected but very welcome!

Thank you again Symmone.

Shelley Honeychurch

Change Partner, Asia Plan International

I feel more present in my life

After suffering from grief and loss for almost 20 years, Symmone told me that my heart was in a vault.

The next day my emotions soared in intensity. Instead of feeling like a victim, I feel present in my life. 

I have experienced more confidence in and love for myself, enabling me to live my life with a smile on my face and happiness in my heart. I have clarity and confidence in my ability to grow and maintain my health as well as expanding my mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Symmone! 

Annabelle Chambers


I have more peace in my life

Symmone was highly recommended by a friend who had experienced an amazing session with her.

Before the session I was having difficulty being present and centered. During the session I could feel the process happening with sensations on my skin and old feelings surfacing.

Immediately after the session I felt peaceful and exactly where I wanted to be, in the moment. Instantly my situation began to transform and living into what I had dreamed of. Over the following week I noticed old blocks releasing and have had peace in those areas of my life. 

I would highly recommend a session with Symmone, fantastic!


Business Owner & Nutritionist

My business has gone from good to great

I started my journey with Symmone several months ago to propel my business from good to great. I have already seen changes to the business and myself personally. New opportunities presented themselves within weeks and psychologically I feel much more positive towards both the company and my own future; it’s like someone took all the leaves off the apple tree, all I can see is apples… 

Symmone has also taken great care to understand my business and my goals. Often when you have a small business built from the ground up, necessary change is hard to see and even more difficult to accept –Symmone delivers her ideas in a caring and very easy to accept way. It would have been great to discover her years ago.

Joe Biggs

Director, JBD Group

I feel I deserve to live

When I began work with Symmone, I was in a fairly dark place. Following some events that had occurred in my life a number of years before, I had unknowingly decided that I didn’t deserve to live. 

Symmone has helped me to reconnect with who I am, and re-ignited a spark that was long since extinguished. 

The insights that I have gained into the recurring themes and patterns in my life through Symmone’s astrological work have been profound, and have provided a platform from which to engage with life in a different way. I cannot recommend Symmone highly enough.

Sarah H


I feel more confident to step into my work

Just wanted to say thank you so much. You have an incredible gift and with the wealth of information you provided, it gave us the confidence we needed in order to step up and move forward.

You have an incredible gift, and I have gained so much from the reading and the healing. I would highly recommend Symmone to anyone who is seeking greater clarification in life and as a highly intuitive healer.  

Thank you so much again for your amazing wisdom.

Lisa Morley-Low

Healer & Channel

I have the courage to create a new life

I had been ready to undertake the next stage of my inner journey for a while but something simply wasn’t budging and the frustration was palpable – both inside me and in my dealings outside.  

It’s one thing to know that you’ve got another direction to go in, it’s another to be frustratingly aware that your current life no longer ‘feels right,’ and to know how to ask Source to reveal your new path and purpose.

This is what Symmone’s reading did for me – it provided that bridge, where Source could reveal itself to me. From then on, I’ve simply walked down that path and the world has changed. With her guidance, I could see the new path and felt the courage to venture into this new stage of my journey. 

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear! I thank you Symmone for being my teacher and being a vital part of my spiritual journey.


Secondary School Teacher

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