Beyond Belief Q&A

Beyond Belief Q&A

One door closes, another door opens

One door closes, another door opens

A crisis can be a signpost to change and can create a huge amount of mind tension, caused between surrendering the old and allowing the new to be birthed.
In this episode of Beyond Belief Q & A, Rachel’s drinking dependency is masking her ability to gain clarity with her business direction and exacerbating health issues. We look at how to go beyond the surface of the destructive habits, used to numb out negative emotions, so identification of the emotional drivers and thoughts can occur and be released.

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Welcome to Beyond Belief Q & A
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Today’s question comes from Rachel who is suffering from a lot of stress in her business. she writes…..

“I have been running my business in retail fashion for the past 5 years and I have lost my passion. The business’s profitably is dropping significantly and I have been drinking too much. I know I shouldn’t but it helps my stress to cope. Should I let the business go or make it work. I am exhausted and confused.”

Thank you for mentioning you are drinking as part of your coping mechanism.

The first step to gain some perspective and clarity would be to address the drinking dependency.

Drinking causes a lessoning of awareness so the first step would be to seek professional help.

What is underlying the need that creates the urge to drink?

Drinking serves to drown out the noise of negative emotions and associated thought being created by the mind in response to your current situation.

Can you tolerate what you are feeling for a few minutes?

What does it feel like?  Stuck? Fear? Failure? anger? Hopelessness?

Be there with the pain and catch the negative emotion as it arises, investigate gently what your mind is telling you associated with your emotional responses.

By being present to what is surfacing in the moment, create some space from being identified and entangled with the thoughts and emotions. This has the effect of creating distance between who you really are to the mind generated illusion. Your sense of self becomes more awakened and transmutes the negative energy.

It can be difficult at first but persist with this process and go deeper. Your intention to find answers will bring clarity and change in your life.

In reference to your business, I cannot give you an answer as this would disempower and distance you from the truth coming from within you.

I will say, passion which you have felt before will surface again but its lack of presence now is indicating you are no longer aligned to some aspect of what you are doing.

It may be time to move on but fear of the unknown may be holding fast.

This is where your intuition emanating from your inner being, connected to all can guide your next steps.

Thank you for your question Rachel

And thank you for watching. Any comments, pls post below in the comments section and If anyone has a question about love, life, business or wealth, click on the link below. I look forward to answering it.

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