Symmone Gordon | My Story




Hi, I’m Symmone

I wasn’t always a business and life intuitive, I fell into this work when I decided to stop hiding.

For many years, I had a conventional career.

Back in the day with limited internet, (yes, faxes were real) I owned and operated several businesses (but not all at once) across Fashion, Spiritual Events, Civil construction and Trading stocks.

With hindsight, my obsession with business led me to understand its primary success is underpinned by a crucial foundation - what beliefs you carry can make or break you.

Our beliefs create our reality and unlocking them is where the transformation begins.

But where I really learnt about limiting beliefs was when I developed cancer.

When I was growing up, I was actually very quiet and spent a lot of time alone. In fact, I rarely spoke up and carried a deep fear of being attacked for speaking my truth.

I had no idea that this belief and fear was actually making me sick and at 23, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  I knew immediately, it felt like an "express post" brick had been dropped into my mind, loudly pronouncing; MY FEAR OF SPEAKING HAD CAUSED THIS.

Things took a turn for the worse. The malignant nodule was removed but I was informed the cancer was spreading and should have the other half of my thyroid removed, coupled with conventional medical treatment. I refused, as deep down I knew this wasn’t right for me. 

From there, I immersed myself in understanding the root cause of my cancer and how our beliefs create our realty. The result - no sign of cancer.

I learnt about alternative medicine, sat at the feet of Buddhist nuns, monks and shamans, practiced meditation and yoga and reigniting my latent “super powers” through metaphysical courses – enter my ability to see and hear spirits, read and heal people’s problems, and dream of future events. I had suppressed it all as a child to avoid being different and rejected. Silly but true!

But....I felt a much deeper calling and an awakening to how I serve others (asking for 35 years had finally paid off!) It turns out my fascination with the mind, beliefs, why people are the way they are was the signpost pointing to my purpose.

Fast forward to present day; I now work with the committed and the brave…the type who follow their instincts and believe anything is possible

I help lady entrepreneurs and spiritual seekers by combining my business brain with my intuitive ability to identify (real quick) the core beliefs pressing pause on people potential….and the counseling qualification helps put people at ease that I won’t be waving around any purple feathers and chanting spontaneously.  

if you would like to know more, click on how to work with me.

I can't wait to meet you.



PS - Somewhere in between I studied all things agricultural and sustainable living, which led to working with NGO’s and living in Uganda; to help communities create food and water security in conjunction with farming businesses. I still do this kind of work.