You see what’s possible, they don’t

You share your insights and experiences, they dismiss it as hocus pocus and luck

You offer solutions, they don’t implement or forget what you have said

It leaves you feeling drained, disempowered and dejected.

Trying to change the perspective of others is a battle of minds and creates resistance. Where has your focus gone? On their lack or your own path and abundance?

Scarcity can feel like the life is being sucked out of you with a straw. It’s a perception of never enough and a constriction of not just physical needs but emotional needs too. Not enough love? money? food?

Where does change begin?

Not by beating the drum of the same story with the same people.

Every time you become annoyed or drawn into their lackful vantage point, you meet them at the same destination by engaging their egos and their vibrational stance.  It now becomes easy to be swept up in their slip stream and resistant to your intuition.

“Reaction to their point of view causes resistance within you”

Bring the focus back to you, accept your current experience as counterproductive as this sounds.

Accept how they are thinking presently.  Acceptance doesn’t mean you agree with the lack, rather you are not offering an argument, defence or negativity towards people and situations. This only serves to reinforce it.

In the absence of resistance, abundance flows and not just financially – all things enriching and desired can come into your life.

Focus on what is true for you without the need for assurance, approval or validation from others. Your change radiating from within creates change in others without the need to influence with words or you may witness their removal from your expansiveness, until ready to accept this within themselves.

Understanding the deeper drivers creating the standby effect with family and friends is the priority.  Why you have been waiting for your family to listen to you and why have they not?

Being the priority in healing scarcity not only allows old negative emotions to surface about your own powerlessness but also awaken yourself to new possibilities and ideas.

It stops giving energy to what isn’t manifesting linked to the circle of well-meaning naysayers. It appears that they are not granting permission to expand which may be an excuse and the distraction your mind is creating to keeping your own beliefs alive, fuelling your own scarcity, non-recognition or rejection.

Simply taking the time to still your mind to connect with your inner being, allows for space and dis-identification from negative thoughts and emotions of the past. Your truth will become apparent.

You can’t do anything about anyone else’s thoughts and reactions but you can do something about your own. It can only lead to empowerment.

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