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Beyond Belief Q&A

How to know the difference between fear and intuition

How to know the difference between fear and intuition

How can you tell the difference between fear and intuition, especially when a big decision is required and it’s a one way ticket into unknown territory? We explore the two states of fear and what intuition and fear feel like from the perspective of your body in contrast to your mind.

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If you are wondering how to know the difference when fear arises or if its your intuition speaking to you, Sue writes…..

“I trust my intuition but sometimes I can’t tell whether I am in fear about going into the unknown or it’s my intuition telling me not to go that way.”

“How can I tell the difference between intuition and fear?”

Great question and one I have worked on myself for years

Fear can result from two states. Psychological fear which is generated from the mind and physical fear from a real current threat. It’s usually the psychological fear in us which causes excessive thinking about anticipating a future event in a negative way.

And when the thinking dominates, no matter what, intuition is blocked.

It’s like being in a noisy night club and hoping you can hear someone whisper across the room. Alternatively, walking through a forest filled with birds singing, wind moving through the leaves has little noise and not much to distract to be able to hear those whispers to guide you.

Let’s start with Fear. Fear, which is an emotion linked to a thought has a different feeling quality to it than intuition.

Fear has a far more contracted feel to it and involves conceptual detail.

Fear also transmits as a vibrational energy and continues to attract what it fears. It is alive but doesn’t have aliveness, rather it has a heavier sensation.

Psychological fear can be triggered by a recent past or through conditioning in childhood forming a false identity. Unhappiness caused by the stories of the mind, irrelevant to the actual situation and fuelled by the perception

Eg. A client fear was going into a new relationship and being disappointed/rejected and lied too again, resulting from trauma by her ex-husband, years before.  She would go on dates and look for what was wrong with potential partners, always causing her to walk away and justifying her position that men can’t be trusted for some reason. She formed an identity of being a “good” woman surrounded by bad men and attracted other “good” women with the same issue to reinforce her identity and maintain the protection from activating the pain of betrayal again.

Intuition is a knowing, there is clarity and gives a different vibrational sensation within the body to fear. It is a wholeness and expansiveness that has no polarised thought. It feels peaceful

It is the awareness which exists outside of the mind

Although the mind may come in afterwards trying to serve some rational perspective to that which has none.

Intuition comes in many forms, “a voice,” through a dream, a deep knowing or it could be attached powerfully to a mental thought

I’ll give you an example of my own personal experience of fear and intuition simultaneously.

Years ago, I was driving slowly down a steep curving hill and my car spun out of control. Oil on the road? I don’t know but I was in total fear as I tried to control the car through trying to anticipate where to turn the steering wheel next. I was heading for the cliffs edge and a really bad outcome. In all the blur, I heard a distinctive loud voice. Take your hands of the steering wheel. In an instant, I had gone above the paralysing fear, to trust and immediately removed my hands from the steering wheel.

The car was spinning 360 degrees, and miraculously, there were no oncoming cars either! My car backed itself into the cliff face, rather than the cliff edge with a thud and stopped.

The distinction between fear and intuition was undeniable. And an example I care not to repeat.

I never did find out what caused the car to spin out of control.

In my case, I experienced a fear of death whilst heading towards the cliffs edge. The frozen, thoughtless state I was forced into allowed my intuition to directly connect with me in the moment. For me it translated into a loud voice and I knew I had to trust it. I experienced a knowing beyond all rationalisation and analysis.

Now you don’t have to go about it in this way!

Going beyond fear, automaticity opens the intuitive self, connection and unification to source.

Here are some ways to do this;

  • Acknowledging the fear and accepting you have the power to transform its grip, allows you to see a different perspective beyond a reactive one.


  • Facing your fears by naming the emotion and thoughts accompanying the story allows you to become aware and present to it. It creates the space to extract yourself from the false perception of the situation.


  • Embrace self-compassion towards the process of transforming fear. Going in and telling it “to go” only enforces resistance at another level.


  • Call in support, whether it’s from the formless realm – guides, angels, spirit or it’s a friend who helps to remind you of your spiritual practices.

Through stillness and presence, your intuition will communicate with you as a truth, a knowing, a whole-body experience or a loud voice.  It’s always there. It feels alive.

Fear expressed in the psychological state will be an experience of heavier emotions, contracted, speaking within your head and usually is anticipating something that has not happened yet but tries to convince you that it will.

Here’s a great quote from Rumi

Your heart knows the way, run in that direction.

Thank you for your question Sue

And thank you for watching. Any comments, pls post below in the comments section and If anyone has a question about love, life, business or wealth, click on the link below. I look forward to answering it.

Until next time,

Live your dream.

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