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Beyond Belief Q&A

How to find inspiration when passion dies

How to find inspiration when passion dies

It can be very unsettling as a business owner being impacted by technological change, causing your business to adapt or die.
How do you access the clarity to make decisions, especially when you are no longer motivated or passionate about what you are doing and are being forced to leave your familiar comfort zone?
In this episode, we explore Sarah’s desire to switch roles from business owner to influencer and look at suggestions to maintain an inner calm and non-reaction to access clarity, whilst the outer chaos of change continues.

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Today’s question is from Sarah about losing motivation and passion and she writes…..

“I have worked hard in the communications industry for the last 12 years and am proud of what I have accomplished but just recently I have been losing big clients. There’s a variety of reasons, downsizing, budget constraints, requiring different services we can’t supply.
I have lost motivation and passion. Ultimately, I want to be an influencer and I don’t know what to do or focus on.”

Great question

let’s break down what is happening.

On the outer reality, there is a lot of change, change you are unable to control which could appears to be jeopardising the viability of the business.

On an inner level, there is change too, you mention lost motivation and passion. This is coming from within and at the same time, clients are falling away. Something is dying to create space for something new to be birthed. It’s this space of not doing which is necessary for gestation which causes discomfort, as we are always trying to fill space with “doing”

How do you find motivation and passion again?

I will sum by saying. It is not in the doing but the being, where you will gain the clarity of the next steps.  Be still and access another part of you to regain focus. The motivation and passion will return.

So Let me start by asking…Is being an influencer calling from within or is it a conceptual identity that you think will give you happiness?

You have a desire to be an influencer and currently you are a company director.

As an influencer, you would be someone who has established credibility in a specific industry. Who potentially has access to a large audience and can influence and motivate others by your value, authenticity and reach.

As a business owner, you are the figure head of the company, who makes decisions to run the company successfully and at profit.

Both roles call for different skills and perceived identity

One is more management orientated within the physical structure of the business and the other has a more of a teaching quality and persona outside as well as within the business.

So are you ready to change this about yourself?

So here are some steps

  • Let go of your identification with the current business. It does not define you irrespective of how many years you have been playing a particular role in it.


  • As this challenging period occurs, confusion surfaces and negative emotions can run rampant. Do not react negatively to what is occurring as it will only serve to reinforce the focus on what you do not want. Ie. Fear that the business will collapse, leaving you in debt.

Be present to what is, acceptance allows for space and clarity to emanate through. Intuitive and inspirational impulses follow when the decks are cleared.

  • Take some time out, quiet time out – not a night out on the bubbles. creating space in your life allows new inspiration, renewal and a reboot to take place.
  • An innocent curiosity creates the space whilst courage slides pas the fear. Try seeing this situation as an interesting adventure with an open positive expectation, even though you don’t know what’s next.

And just in case you think you need to give it all away – no.

“Being” doesn’t mean you stop the doing completely, it means you are more present whilst the action is occurring from an internally aligned place.

I will leave you with this

Thank you for your question Sarah

And thank you for watching. Any comments, pls post below in the comments section and If anyone has a question about love, life, business or wealth, click on the link below. I look forward to answering it.

Until next time,

Live your dream

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