Beyond Belief Q&A

Beyond Belief Q&A

Find your purpose, choose courage over comfort

Find your purpose, choose courage over comfort

Courage is always called upon when pushing through the comfort zone of routine into the unknown, especially when our purpose is nudging us to raise the bar. Marie asks how she can discover her purpose and find fulfilment but at the same time, doesn’t really believe it’s possible.
We explore how her reactions to “what is” that is keeping her unhappy and stuck and how acceptance and stillness can change the stories she is telling herself.

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Welcome to Beyond Belief Q & A
Transforming force into flow.

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If you are wondering how to find ignite your courage to step out of a rut, we explore todays question from Marie and she writes…..

“I am very unhappy at work, but don’t know what else to do. I have some savings put aside had planned to work for a little while longer but it’s intolerable and I feel depressed. I am looking for other work but I have a sinking feeling in my stomach whenever I read job ads related to my current skills. I am in my 40’s, single with no kids, so it’s not like I don’t have freedom or options. I can’t see myself starting a new career, but there is a flicker of light in me that tells me there must be more.”

It’s a common problem, and you aren’t alone. There are many people who do not like what they do for work and feel trapped by the conditions they have created in their life. They have bills to pay, children to feed and educate and other must do responsibilities keeping the “doing” of life going.

However, you do have freedom and options to find what you love doing, it’s your thoughts which are creating the perceived jail about work.

What is clear is your dissatisfaction with “right now” and the need for change. There is resistance by what you have written even if it is accompanied by a shimmer of hope that slips in. There seems to be a predetermined outcome of what you have decided for yourself. “I can’t see myself starting a new career” and yet you are searching for one with meaning to bring purpose into your life.

When you are confronted by the same circumstances at work, it seems natural and a done deal that the thoughts and emotions surfacing are setting off a negative landslide with a more dominant emphasis on what you believe will happen. This has no foundation in a deeper truth of who you really are and what you wish to experience.  Your interpretation of the current situation continues to keep you focusing on what you do not want and perpetuating the discomfort.

Let me give you an example of a few negative thoughts to do with your situation that may be causing feelings of hopelessness and dejection

Ie. I am unhappy, I don’t mix well with the people at work

The Work environment is terrible

I don’t know what to do with my life

I’m too old to start another career

I need an income so I have to endure this

Once this dialogue begins, you are swept up into a fast moving current where your clarity is drowned out by the noise of the mind, giving you all the reasons why there is no future which continuously feeds into your present “now”

IT IS possible to begin untangling yourself from this perception of stuckness

With moving forward into anything unknown, it is natural to feel fear, a fear of failure at what has not even transpired yet. You may be bringing past negative beliefs & experiences into the present moment.

Acceptance of what is gives the space to put some distance between the negative thoughts surfacing and relief from the worry.

There’s an awesome quote from Mark Twain

“I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened”

Through stillness and space, there is freedom from the worry of not knowing, and trying to control what will happen. It gives you permission to be still and to receive from a deeper place within you.

Accepting does not mean that you will stay at your intolerable job for the rest of your life but it will allow for opportunities to enter because your focus and point of attraction changes, it will be tuned elsewhere even for short bursts of time.

Your quiet acceptance opens up awareness to see what you do want through the contrast of what you don’t want and the understanding from the deeper part of yourself as to what has been holding you back.

See this situation as an opportunity for transformation, as you are asking for something different to appear in your life, for something else to be expressed through you. Something is dying to be birthed and the confusion can act as a fertile ground to birth creativity, clarity and activating courage to explore what that is.

It doesn’t matter whether you fail or you succeed at something new, however this experience is inviting you to organically evolve where there is no defined plan until you receive some inner inspiration to take action.

And if you cannot let go of the resistance that gets triggered as a result of going to this job, then consider taking a break to bring about some relief to create head and heart space for something to open up in your life.

With stilling your mind long enough, through meditation or taking a bath or sweeping the floor, you can hear through an inspired impulse or knowingness or even a strong thought, what is calling you. It has already spoken to you because you know “there must be something more”

No one can tell you want that is, it is your experience coming from within, although you can resonate or be inspired by the actions, suggestions or teachings of another which awaken something in you.

Try going back to your childhood and recall what you found yourself interested in, I remember always being drawn to the mysteries of the world. That which couldn’t be seen and explained. Spiritual Teachers like the Dalia Lama, Ghandi, Tibetan monastics from a young age. Innovators and change makers.

Remember who or what made your heart sing or hobbies that you immersed into.

It’s important then not to get too attached or identified with the past to define the present. Be with what is coming up and allow it to reveal itself.

Thank you for your question Marie

And thank you for watching. Any comments, pls post below in the comments section and If anyone has a question about love, life, business or wealth, click on the link below. I look forward to answering it.

Until next time,

Live your dream.

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