Case Study | Alison: from overwhelm to self empowerment

Case Study

Journey to Emotional Fulfilment

Case Study

Sally: From rejection to self-acceptance

Sally grew up being hauled to many events, functions and parties by her mother. Sally was never asked where she would like to go, nor encouraged to have friends. She was lonely and felt she didn’t matter. She made a decision; she didn’t need anyone and would rely on herself. She also embodied the perception that other people come first. These feelings became buried over time, however still very much alive and vibrating within her.

Sally became a successful business woman because she was committed and smart. She had created her employees as an extension of family. She didn’t have a close relationship with her family, nor had any friends and she put her employees first, believing they could manage and direct themselves without a clear vision from her. They would disappoint her continuously and the high staff turnover cost her money. This creating an overcompensation reaction and she took on too much responsibility to make up for staff shortfalls (burnout) Her sense of loneliness and rejection was enforced as staff continued to fall short, ignore her gifts and highlighting her needs were not a priority.

Sally had reinvented a story within the context of her business to reflect her dominant emotions – loneliness, rejection and self reliance/responsibility to heal the pain of the past; not having friends, not being seen nor prioritised, other people coming first and avoiding the pain by being excessively self reliant.

She needed to understand herself at deeper levels because no matter what conventional business strategies were employed, the same outcome occurred.

So she did.

She made a decision to change her beliefs by focusing on being supported, communicating her needs, making new friends, cultivating trust, nurturing and valuing herself -  assigning beliefs to each emotion. Over 2 months, her new beliefs became dominant and formed a new reality.

 Case Study

Anna: Passion reignited

Anna her real name) had a strong feeling to write a novel. In fact, she had already started writing this novel but couldn’t bring herself to continue and she hadn’t read a book for 7 years, when she used to devour several books weekly. She was a successful entrepreneur and ran a website design and copy business.

As an entrepreneur, she took risks and the fear of failure didn’t factor. Yet it was starring her in the face, when wanting to embrace her inner author.
After her memory retrieval process, this is what was revealed.

When she was 12, her father had brain cancer and her parents decided to turn to religion as a means to heal.
This meant Anna who loved her musician and celebrity posters all over her bedroom wall, novels and anything that defined her, was gone in the name of her father’s health and religious beliefs. Overnight.

Unfortunately, her father did pass away. Religion couldn’t save him and his parting words were – Good things are followed by bad.

She was devastated and simultaneously felt betrayed, her identity shattered, rejection and disempowerment now a strong memory and unknowingly planted in her subconscious, now contributing towards creating of future events with similar outcomes.

This set up her present-day block with writing.

Writing truly defined her, it was her passion, her first love, BUT she believed anything that she loved would be stripped away and she would be betrayed - whenever she stepped into being true to herself.

The other belief expressed by her dying father - good things are followed by bad, further entrenched she could not have what she wanted without struggle. Good things did happen, followed by bad – it was inevitable.

Anna believed she would FAIL in her attempt to create anything that made her truly happy but she could create a successful business, that paid the bills and supported her family. Not as stimulating as writing novels but nonetheless safe and somewhat of an outlet for her creativity.

Now that Anna has released this belief and focuses on what is possible, effectively managing the voices of doubt and fear, she has put on more staff in her existing business, to maintain stability and profitability and is writing her novel with passion and excitement. She is also reading a ridiculous number of books!