How to create your dreams and make them reality

To dream is to believe.

We hear these words all the time, “Anything is possible!” “Dream big!” “Find your purpose!” Dreaming is a continual process of aligning yourself to your desires and choosing to follow the path that will lead to your goals.

But do you believe you can get what you want?

How to create your dreams

I remember when I lacked motivation. I was unhappy in a business I had developed from the ground up. As successful as it appeared due to all my hard work, another dream was calling me. That dream was moving to Queensland, leaving corporate life, and reinventing myself in the fields of metaphysics and spiritual work.

The first step towards my dream was to sell my business. I had created a unique brand and service specific to my skills – styling and supplying suits to 400 businessmen. It was a personal service built on trust.

When I told people I wanted to sell the business, they warned me it would be difficult and that I should be prepared to wait a long time for the right buyer. Logically speaking, they were right. But I’m not a logical person. I thrive on intuition. When faced with the impossible, I just go for it.

I set out to sell the business with no expectations. I hadn’t thought of advertising it but in a week, I received a call from a woman who wanted to offer a similar service for businesswomen. She wanted to understand how I did it. I gave her some insights and added that my business was for sale. I asked if she was interested in men’s clothing. She was.

While the negotiations were underway, I bought plane tickets six weeks in advance to travel internationally for six months. They were a present to myself before I settled in to my new home up north.

In my mind, there was no alternative, no doubt, no second-guessing. The business would be sold, and I would travel and start anew.

Within a month, I sold the business. I took two weeks to say my goodbyes and pack, then I left to follow my dream!

Actions you can take to create your dreams

Imagine a world in which you know not only what your dream is, but that you can achieve it.

It will be difficult and there will be moments of doubt, but even with challenges in the way, you know you can get there with determination, courage, and confidence.

When you show up, so will the opportunities you ask for. The universe can help, but remember that deep down, it’s the belief in yourself that will push you towards your dreams. 

You are in full control of your life. You create every moment.

Understand this simple idea and you’ll see that life happens through you, not to you. You can decipher and translate what happens in your life, and you can change your life based on what feels right to you.

Believe you can achieve your dreams, and you will!

Visualise your dream

Imagine you have a blank canvas and you can draw whatever you want. Your vision of yourself and your life is your greatest asset. Believe in it. Take time out daily to visualise your dream and write it down. Create a vision board and place it somewhere you can see it every day.

Attract your desires

Make a list of what you want to see in your world. Look deep into your heart and feel it. Your emotions will attract what you want, but expect the unexpected as well.

Make decisions

As soon as you make decisions, you tell the universe you are pursuing your desires. Small and large decisions alike, every step counts.

Ignore the pessimistic voices

Think of these beliefs as tree trunks blocking your road. What are they saying? What feeling do you associate with these thoughts? Once you identify them, ignore them. Be motivated by the belief that things will happen rather than the fear that they won’t.

Don’t listen to the naysayers

They reflect your own doubts, acting like tree trunks in your path. Acknowledge and accept this fact, then move on. Don’t let people tell you that you can’t do something. They’re simply jealous and afraid to watch you achieve your dreams when they haven’t achieved theirs. Reach for your dreams and inspire them to reach for theirs.

Embrace challenges

See challenges as opportunities to learn. Try different approaches towards your dream and find new ways to move forward. Challenges push you out of your comfort zone and improve your skills, so take advantage of them!


Have you ever created your dreams and made them a reality? How did it feel? If you haven't before, try my steps and see if this helps create the reality you dream of. Share your experiences in the comments below, I'd love to hear them.