Ever wondered why you can have a desire and using the principles of law of attraction, it should erupt into the world of material form, if you follow the formula? Why doesn’t it happen all of the time? Or perhaps you manifest what you want, but it’s been accompanied by sheer will and a non-peaceful state…are you left feeling satisfied or empty?

Now…ever wondered where your knowingness that emanates so strongly from within comes from? It could be for an idea, decision or a someone you have met and feels like vibrational chimes being rung permeating through your entire body. It can last for days.

Physical manifestations that drop in effortlessly and it’s as if you have been sent a universal telegram, reading your mind and soul. Delivering in ways you could never expect.

Creating your reality can both occur through the mind or through your inner being.

When the principles of law attraction are being applied, the mind (ego) with its thoughts, beliefs and associated emotions) is being engaged to create.

The law of attraction works on the principle that what you intentionally feel will attract the very situation, thing, event to you. This is true. Thoughts and emotions, focusing on how you feel, not reacting to present conditions, will bring about the manifestation of what is desired.  It is being done purposefully and wilfully with an intentional desire from the mind. The powers of manifestation are also limited by the mind….only what the mind knows will manifest, although synchronistic, unusual moments may unfold to dance in with the desire.

When creating from the level of the mind, can you feel any of the following within you?

  • The mind usually doesn’t come from wanting to give but rather comes from not having enough and will accumulate associations with defining itself, adding power to maintaining an identity, born out of compensating or lack.
  • There is usually an impatience to manifesting which leads to distress and frustration.
  • Manifesting things cannot evoke a sense of peace but may contribute to a sense of security. This security can be dissolved at anytime.
  • There is stress in the creating and perhaps moments of relief. (the mind is participating and merging with source)

“manifesting from the mind is not wrong”, everyone desires happiness, it’s the way our inner compass naturally points. However, when the ego is thinking it’s way to happiness, what you believe will make you happy in the future, does not necessarily occur – fulfilment from a deeper level can still feel illusive and ultimately end in dissatisfaction and disappointment”

To illustrate an example, a friend of mine built a stunning house with her partner in a rural setting by the beautiful beach. A lifelong dream and once built, she had a realisation that she could no longer be in the relationship. There had been constant drama and turmoil. The arguments had always been there but the house project had blown open the dysfunction within the relationship. She thought she would be happy, it’s what she always wanted and manifested the man with the skills and money to build it for her.

Her realisation birthed the decision to leave him and the house to return to her “soul” home on a remote island in the Bahamas, where she did find happiness in herself and peace.

So what is manifesting from your inner being?

It’s the presence that is you and connected with all that exists. Commonly referred to as unified consciousness. This formless part of you that is listening and experiencing life. This part of you is heard through the stillness and thoughtlessness of the mind.  The non-identification with the conception view of the ego.

This part of you knows all and cannot be thought into existence, it just is. Nor can it be willed to make itself known.

It’s from this beingness where an impulse, an idea, or knowingness arises suddenly. It can be referred to as your intuition, intuition arising from your inner being. Although intuition is the messenger, the inner self is so much more than this – a steady hum of aliveness in the backdrop of thoughts, emotions and everyday life.

It’s a whole-body experience that usually comes without thought but if thought is there, it is so aligned and right, it bypasses the thinking mind. When you feel it, you will know it, however it can be followed shortly by the mind beginning to question or analyse the experience. At this point, there is a distinct difference in vibrational quality between the experience and the mind chatter.

Manifestation of material form happens easily and with flow, when the inner being is radiating and life lives through you in alignment with your true self because the mind is not offering resistance – beliefs to hijack the unfolding of the manifestation.

Being aware, discerning the difference between the mind and the inner being allows for the strengthening of the inner being within. And in this arising, there is also joy and aliveness that doesn’t have a polarised counterpart of negative emotion.

It is coming from the deeper conscious self, guiding and directing you as life works through you.

“There is a letting go, a non-attachment to outcome which allows resistance to drop away and flow to occur”

It wasn’t too long ago I experienced a tipping point in my own understanding of forcing life to manifest and flowing with it.

I enjoyed my work and wanted to create a purposeful living from it – helping people transform their limiting beliefs and teaching how to go within to listen to the inner being.

I needed to connect with people who wanted this service and began to be heavily influenced by the business online environment. I was bombarded with a zillion ways to reach my audience….online courses, memberships, retreats, workshops, online FB groups, blogs, videos and podcasts.

After all, it was what the “experts” and successful people were doing.

Why reinvent the wheel when there were so many wheels to choose from? In this process, I forgot to listen to what my inner being was telling me, where all my knowingness resided.

I was stressed, tired, working long hours and not enjoying the journey all that much. I also was aware that the business didn’t feel good, something was missing. I had gone off track and I was suffering from a lot of noise in my head dictating daily life which had morphed into a daily grind.

Yet I knew this work coming through me was my purpose, my skill and my gift.

This lead to a deeper transformation one night where I had a head-on collision between my ego (beliefs) and my desire for peace and flow.

I was able to see the difference between my egoic thoughts and the peace and aliveness that unified everything. I had accessed my inner self in a way never experienced before. My inner being became my dominant presence and guide.

I let go of what I should do, my perceived plans, so called financial budgets and a future orientated ideal of what happiness looks like. This experience allowed me to surrender and get out of my own way, space was created within (for a few months I took time out) and the next step with absolute knowingness was revealed and implemented.

When creating from your inner being, can you feel any of the following from within?

  • what can I give birth to?
  • non-attachment to any identification of accolades, praise, approval and so forth.
  • Not seeking to derive happiness from the form, just joy from expressing itself into reality.
  • Feeling it’s beyond the ego, and powerful in impact from a place of stillness.
  • The manifestation is unlimited because all of you is being accessed connected with source.

Neither way is wrong but the ego is not the real you but can act from a dominant position drowning out the essence of you.

Accessing the part of you which still, peaceful and alive gives birth to what you desire without the need to push or think it to existence.

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