The nature of our thoughts and emotions strongly influence how we perceive our lives. In fact, it ALL begins in our minds and dependent on our previous experiences will provide the filtering system to determine our overall outlook on life, namely, whether we are happy or sad, optimistic or pessimistic. Our thoughts and emotions create our manifested reality. We then make decisions based on what we believe and how we imagine we will feel once those desires land in our lap. Our reality becomes the sum of our beliefs.

If we believe life happens FOR us (taking conscious responsibility for what we think), then no matter what happens, we cultivate a positive or accepting outlook, in turn this attracts more of the same, lessening fear and improving confidence. Similarly, if we believe life happens TO us (taking no responsibility for our thoughts) we are fearful and disempowered of what life will throw at us next…negative thoughts and emotions remain and we see more of the same, creating stagnancy and fear, impeding the clarity to make decisions.

Don’t let your thoughts stop you from being the best version of yourself. Follow these 7 steps to change your mind and choose your thoughts and emotions.

1. Identify Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

Look within to identify any beliefs that are holding you back. An easy way to do this is by evaluating yourself through your emotions.

First, write down your top 5 desires. Project yourself into the future, how would it make you feel if you had want you wanted? Relief, happy, satisfied, safe?

Now, go into your present moment, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Imagine your desires again. What’s the emotion or thought that comes up? Uncertainty, doubt, fear, worthiness….go deeper, why are they there? Where did this come from? Once you can identify the thoughts, the memory, the time and who of when these your self-limiting beliefs entrenched themselves, it’s easier to shift and transform them.

2. Turn Negativity into Positive Action 

Every time we are in the thick a negative situation, our minds go into fight, flight or freeze. In other words, attack – blame the other person, avoidance, denial or people please to avoid confrontation. All behaviours are in place with the same outcome; to remain emotionally safe.  But rather than play the role of a victim or aggressor, understand the trigger within you and take control and transform it into a learning experience to change the outcome into a positive action. To do this, focus less on what you don’t want, to change your internal landscape and enforce it all.

3. Ask for an Objective Opinion

Seek out someone who is inspiring and who’s story you resonate with. What challenges did they face? How did they change? It’s looking at adversity and looking at it objectively that can divert your focus from negativity to bring you back into alignment through somebody’s else’s challenges, journey and opinion. Your inner voice and intuitive radar will ring with knowingness when you hear and feel the words needed for change. Take heed of their advice and personalize their approach to fit your needs.

4. Immerse Yourself into Your Dream Vision

Do you spend a chunk of time brooding over the obstacles that separate you from turning your dreams into reality? Instead of focusing on the road blocks, immerse yourself in your vision. How will reaching your dream make you feel? How do you imagine you will change for the better? How will it improve your quality of life? Direct your thoughts and feelings on appreciation and knowingness and it won’t be long before you begin to see the signs of it manifesting breeding more belief and confidence.

5. Appreciate Yourself and Choose Vibrant Emotions 

A key step to changing your mind is having the courage to do so. Appreciate yourself and what you have accomplished and experienced so far in your life. Focusing on how you want to feel and seeing life with eyes of non-judgement will continue to elevate you. Break your vision into smaller milestones and work towards them. Be appreciative of every accomplishment, it’s self-love delivered in a consistent dose. It’s a far more proactive approach to bringing in what you desire.

6. Make a Decision to Commit

To bring about change, you need to be decisive. Change requires full commitment. Hoping your mind and way of thinking will change overnight is like driving with your eyes closed! You need to understand why and identify where you are now and where you want to be. You need to put in the effort consistently in your pursuit for change and only then will you reap the rewards you desire.

7. Be Accountable and Responsible

Finally, accept responsibility and be accountable for your thoughts. This will empower you to steer you back with clear intent to change your mind. After all, they are your thoughts and you are in the driver’s seat. It’s up to decide how you wish to direct them. However, be careful not to judge yourself if you aren’t there YET.

Your path to change may not be an easy one. It requires courage and determination.  However, once you do change your mind, you’ll feel different and lighter. There isn’t a timeframe and you don’t have to rush your journey to change your mind. Take one step at a time and remember to find the silver lining in every thought – and importantly, don’t resist the dark clouds when they gather, they will pass as you re orientate your focus.

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